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Development Services

  1. Contractor Registration

    City of Buda Contractor Registration Form

  1. Design Review Committee Meeting Request

    Request a meeting with City staff to discuss a proposed Development project.

Oct. 2015 Flood Damage Form

  1. October 2015 Flood Damage Assessment Form

    City officials are asking residents who have flood damage to contact the City to help assessment teams get an accurate count of... More…

Office of the City Clerk Forms

  1. "No Solicitation" Registration Form

    City of Buda Citizens may register their address to prevent solicitation from permitted Solicitors.

  2. STAR Registration Form

    Senior Transportation Service Request

  1. Public Comment / Testimony Form

    Comments for Council and Boards/Commissions

  2. TFOA Buda Community Partner Program

    Community Partners are older residents, Community-based Organizations (CBOs), boards, commissions, businesses and other community... More…

Police Forms

  1. Animal Registration

    Register your dog or cat.

  2. Citizen Traffic Report Form

    To be used to submit information about a specific traffic related problem in the City of Buda.

  3. Smart Watch Program

    Buda Police Department's Smart Watch Program is a voluntary residential and business camera registration program.

  1. Citizen Contact Form

    The purpose of the Citizen Contact Form is to allow citizens the opportunity to provide direct feedback to us regarding a specific... More…

  2. Close Patrol Request

    City of Buda Residents can use this form when they will be out of town for an extended amount of time and would like officers to... More…

  3. Spay and Neuter Application