Do I need a permit?

This is one of the most common questions we receive at the City of Buda Building Division. A homeowner or property owner thinking about remodeling, adding a small addition, converting a garage, adding a gazebo to the backyard, replacing siding, or reroofing typically hopes the answer is “no.”

Folks seem to have an unreasonable fear of obtaining building permits and the entire inspection process. No fears, the permitting and inspection process really is not that difficult. Because many homeowner projects actually do require a permit, it might be helpful to look at some questions that might arise.

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1. Do I need a permit?
2. Why are there building codes and building permits?
3. If I get a permit, can I do the work myself?
4. When do I need a permit?
5. What are the benefits of getting a permit?
6. When is a permit not required?
7. Is there a fee?
8. What will I need to get a permit?