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Communications Survey

  1. Survey Purpose

    The City of Buda Communications Department works to serve as a resource and provide information about City-related matters, operations, policies, and activities to constituents, stakeholders, the public, and members of the media by engaging in proactive communications using a variety of platforms and formats in order to accommodate a diverse constituency and public, and to promote the overall visibility of the City of Buda.

    This survey is intended to assist Communications staff in performing its functions better and potentially making improvements to communications-related processes and information delivery. The Communications Department values your feedback and appreciates your participation.

  2. 1.) This survey is anonymous, but please select a category that best describes you for providing feedback in this survey:
  3. 2.) The City of Buda produces and regularly disseminates an electronic newsletter called Buda Viewda for public constituents. Do you receive the Buda Viewda e-newsletter?
  4. 3.) If no, skip to question #5. If yes, have you found information provided in Buda Viewda generally useful?
  5. 4.) What kind of content do you think would make Buda Viewda better or more useful? (select all that apply):
  6. 5.) Buda leverages social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. If you do not follow any Buda social media channels, you are invited to connect with us. To which City of Buda social media channels have you followed or subscribed (select all that apply):
  7. 6.) A Communications-Newsroom Section where this survey is located was developed for the City’s website. This section includes “news releases and archives,” “publications,” “branding,” “speakers bureau” and “multimedia.” Do you find the material in this section to be helpful?
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