Buda Moves!
Transportation Mobility Master Plan

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The Buda Moves! Transportation Mobility Master Plan was adopted by Ordinance #2020-35 of the Buda City Council on December 1, 2020.

In 2019, the City of Buda started the process of updating our Transportation Master Plan to identify transportation needs, develop solutions, and prioritize improvements to allow the transportation system to keep pace with desired growth and development. Seeking to build upon past planning efforts, we worked with citizens and stakeholders to identify and prioritize projects, develop policies, and create strategies that form our living document, the Buda Moves! Transportation Mobility Master Plan.

This planning process considered:

  • Safety improvements
  • Regional connections
  • Intersection improvements
  • New projects
  • Rapid growth
  • Multi-modal accommodations

Community input is a critical and important part of this process, and the City of Buda is committed to developing a plan that improves safety and travel, reflects community values, and enhances the character of the area.

Important dates on the Buda Moves! timeline:

  • February 20th - March 19th Phase 2 Survey
  • March 3rd - City Council Workshop
  • March/April - P&Z Commission - TMMP Report Presentation, seeking recommendations
  • April 17th - Complete TMMP Report transmitted to City staff
  • Summer 2020 - Report presented to council for consideration

For any questions or comments on the master plan, the survey or the interactive map, please email maps@ci.buda.tx.us