Choosing a Location & City Processes

Location, Location, Location...

One of the most important steps in opening a business is selecting the appropriate location. A Realtor can assist you with this process, and the Buda Economic Development Corporation also maintains information on available properties.

You'll want to think about the potential business's customers--do you need a lot of exposure on a major road, or something more tucked away? What are your utility needs? Would you benefit from being located near certain types of other businesses?

Location also plays a role in the types of regulations that might apply to your property. These regulations are applied through the City's building codes and Unified Development Code. They affect how you construct a building, what types of businesses can go at a location, how your building looks, how much parking is required, landscaping and more. The Planning and Engineering Department can provide you guidance as you search for the right place for your business and apply for permits.

You can even start exploring on your own using the City's online Geographic Information System to generate interactive maps!

You can learn more about the permit & development process through the following links:

Applications, Licenses, Permits & Fees
Building Codes & Inspections
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