Pending Annexations

About Annexation

Annexation is the process of bringing property into the City limits. An ordinance, which must be approved by the City Council, is required to make an annexation effective. The State of Texas grants authority to cities to annex territory in two different manners:

  • Annexation can be requested by a property owner (voluntary exempted process).
All annexations must be carried out according to State law and the City Charter. As a home rule City of more than 5,000 people, Buda has the authority to annex property contiguous with, and within one mile of its current city limits following procedures consistent with Chapter 43 of the Texas Local Government Code. 
Exempted Annexations will be initiated when the City receives a petition for voluntary annexation from property owners. The City will then adopt a resolution initiating the annexation exempted annexation area process. The City will hold two public hearings and two ordinance readings to approve a voluntary annexation. The annexation is completed upon second reading of the ordinance, which includes adoption of a municipal service plan for the newly annexed area.