Stormwater Program

Introduction to Stormwater

Stormwater (also called surface water) originates from rainfall and other precipitation that runs off surfaces such asOnly-Rain-Down-The-Drain-Logo.png rooftops, streets, parking lots, lawns, and compacted surfaces such as gravel or dirt. During rain events stormwater flows into the storm sewer system and will eventually find its way into streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands and groundwater.

Storm Drain vs. Sewer System

Storm drains are NOT sewers. The sewer system takes all the water from INSIDE homes and businesses (sinks, bathtubs, washing machines, toilets, etc.) and sends it to the wastewater treatment plant.

The storm drain system is designed as a flood control system to allow water from heavy rainstorms to flow quickly to our waterways to avoid flooding of our streets, homes, and businesses. Stormwater flows down driveways and streets into storm drains and is UNTREATED. Pollutants picked up along the way or that are placed directly in the drain flow to the nearest body of water. This can cause harm to fish, plants, and other living things in our ecosystem.

Ways you can help protect water!

  • Keep storm drains free of leaves and other debris
  • Clean up pet waste
  • Never blow or sweep yard debris in the storm drain. Bag the debris and throw away or recycle
  • Use a commercial car wash facility (runoff enters the sanitary sewer instead of storm drains)
  • If you change your oil at home take the used oil to a local auto shop or collection center
  • Report illicit discharges

Urban Runoff

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Tips

The City of Buda has a Storm Water Management Plan, a state-required document to protect water quality.

Contact the Stormwater Department at 512-312-2876 for the following issues:

  • Blocked or damaged storm inlets
  • Dumping of ANY substance (motor oil, waste, etc.) into storm drain inlets
  • Report signs of foam or liquid with an oil sheen entering a storm drain.

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