Streets Department


The Street Department strives to improve, to the best of our ability, the quality of services the city provides for its citizens. This includes utilizing our Street Department to ensure our streets are adequately maintained. This also includes the mowing and upkeep of all the City of Buda’s street rights of way and other properties the city owns. The grounds maintenance crew is striving to make Buda a cleaner and more beautiful place for everyone to live.

Some of the regular activities are:
  • Curb and gutter construction
  • Maintenance of rights of way
  • Repairing utility street cuts
  • Storm drain and open ditch maintenance
  • Street, crossings, and parking painting
  • Street overlays
  • Street repair and maintenance
  • Street sweeping
  • Traffic signal maintenance

Reporting Issues

Contact the Streets Department at (512) 312-2876 for the following issues:
  • Damaged or missing street signs
  • Drainage ditch / culvert obstruction
  • Graffiti or trash in roads or city rights of way
  • Street light outages
  • Street repair (cracks, potholes, etc.)
  • Traffic signal problems
  • Tree limbs blocking street signs