Capital Improvements Plan

What is the Capital Improvements Plan?

The City of Buda five year Capital Improvements Plan is a planning tool to help the City forecast the timing and funding of future capital projects. The Plan is reviewed and updated annually as part of the annual budget development process. Projects are derived from the Comprehensive Plan as well as infrastructure specific master plans. Projects are also identified through staff observations, citizen comments, and development trends occurring in and around the City. A staff team that includes representatives from the Public Works, Parks, Development Services, and Finance departments work together to develop the project scopes and to prioritize needs. Input on the document is also solicited from the various Boards and Commissions in order to account for the impact of growth on the City's infrastructure system. 

Main Street constructionMain Street improvement project construction

The inclusion of a project in the Capital Improvement Plan does not guarantee that the City will design or construct the project in the time frame noted in the document. Project funding and construction is always subject to change, and annual appropriation. The Capital Improvement Plan is evaluated annually by the City Council in order to prioritize projects and identify funding sources based on needs and the availability of funding. Some projects shown in the Capital Improvements Plan may be constructed by private development as it is needed to serve future development with or without participation by the City of Buda. Projects such as these are shown in the Capital Improvements Plan to reflect the City's master plans and to help identify how future projects may impact the existing infrastructure network.

 Identified funding sources noted in the document are representative of funding options but are not a guarantee of project funding or source. The City Council will annually evaluate funding availability to determine the best funding source as part of the annual budget process. Project costs are shown at today's dollars. No inflationary factor is included in the projections. Most project costs are based on early estimates as typically no engineering has been completed on the project. The costs of projects in the document will be reviewed and updated during the annual review to adjust for cost changes.

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