Common Code Violations

Common code violations include, but are not limited to:

Watering Violations: Water is a precious and limited resource especially during times of drought.   It is imperative to conserve water by following the watering calendar and guidelines. It is a violation to water outside of the scheduled           day and time.

Illegal Signs: It is a violation to place, post or erect any sign in the public right of way. This includes garage sale, advertisement, and real estate signs that are free standing or attached to utility poles, stop signs, etc.

Prohibited Signs
: Decorative flag (blade, feather, shark fin, teardrop, etc.), snipe, moving, animated, portable, hand-held, tethered balloons and inflatable sign are prohibited.

Junked/Inoperable Vehicles: Junked vehicles are not allowed to be stored on property. A vehicle is classified as junked if it is wrecked, dismantled, or has remained inoperable for more than 72 consecutive hours on public property or for more than 30 consecutive days on private property.

High Weeds: Grass or weeds shall not be allowed to grow in excess on any property; whether the property is vacant or occupied.

Sanitation: All exterior property and premises must be maintained in a clean, safe and sanitary condition. It is a violation to dispose of junk, garbage, rubbish, refuse or other solid waste upon public or private property. This includes brush, furniture and appliances.