Building Codes & Permitting

The City of Buda strives to provide outstanding customer service to citizens, builders & developers that have chosen to call Buda home. The City’s Building Division is an important part of helping to ensure a great construction experience while protecting the health, safety and welfare of citizens through the enforcement of building codes.

Only a licensed General Contractor/Homeowner (Homestead Only)/Design Professional can file an application with the Building Department. Building, trade, zoning, and development applications can be submitted online through the MyPermitNow ( online permitting system - you may navigate to the Applications, Licenses, Permits, and Fees page for more information on submitting applications through MyPermitNow.

Permit review depends on the completeness of the application package – an incomplete application submittal may be rejected until a complete application is obtained. The review time for new residential construction and residential remodels/additions typically takes no longer than 10 business days, but may depend on the speed with which the applicant can respond to any comments or questions of the plan reviewers. The departments/divisions that review the application and plans are:
  • Building, who reviews building, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and A/C plans for compliance with local and national codes;
  • Planning & Zoning, who verifies compliance with zoning and platting requirements, architectural standards and site development requirements;
  • Engineering, who evaluates water quality and drainage plans, other site development requirements, water & wastewater service, tap locations and other related services;
  • Fire Marshal (Buda Fire Department through Emergency Services District #8), who reviews for Fire Code compliance
A permit will be issued only when the submitted plans conform with the applicable portions of adopted codes, all fees have been paid, and the contractor has registered with the City. Once the permit has been issued, work may be performed within the scope of the approved permit. During the life of the project, the contractor shall obtain the necessary inspections by requesting the inspections through the MyPermitNow ( online permitting system. Questions regarding technical aspects of the building code and the inspection process should be directed to Nikki Dykes, Permit Coordinator, by calling (512) 312-5745.

Building permits are valid for 180 days, unless work is actively taking place at the project site. If the job site is abandoned or work has not been performed for more than 180 days, then the building permit expires, and work may not commence at the site until another building permit is obtained.

Special Consideration for Properties in the Historic Overlay and Central Business Districts – alterations to the exterior of structures located in these two districts may be subject to approval by the City’s Historic Preservation Commission. Please contact Planning & Engineering Department staff for assistance with the requirements for properties in these districts.

All developments requiring access to a State roadway require Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) approval.

In order to facilitate communicate between City Staff, applicants and other utility providers, construction coordination meetings may be scheduled as needed. City staff may place applicants on the agenda for these meetings, or the applicant may request to be placed on the agenda by contacting the Building Division.

When the Building Division issues the building permit, it will notify the applicant (contractor/homeowner) that the permit is ready to be picked up.

Inspections are necessary to protect the public from substandard construction practices and to enforce building codes & local ordinances.

Prior to the start of construction, erosion controls must be in place and inspected. For commercial properties, the Engineering Division inspects erosion control.

During the construction process, the project will be inspected for building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical and Unified Development Code compliance. Building inspections are requested thorugh MyPermitNow ( You must have your building permit and approved set of plans available at the time of inspection.

Inspections can usually be scheduled within 24 hours. However, staff shortages or emergencies may extend this time.

A Certificate of Occupancy will only be issued after all required final inspections have been approved from all departments & divisions.

The Certificate of Occupancy verifies that the project meets all required building codes and local ordinances. In many cases, a Certificate of Occupancy is necessary for insurance or financing. A Certificate of Occupancy is required prior to occupancy and/or use of the structure or building.

For non-residential facilities, a change of occupancy or ownership (including a change in tenant) requires that a Certificate of Occupancy inspection be requested and a Certificate of Occupancy be issued prior to occupancy and/or use of the structure or building. A Certificate of Occupancy is issued only when all required inspections have been completed and approved.