City Manager


The City Manager's position is created by the City's Home Rule Charter and serves as the chief administrative officer of the City. The City Manager works closely with the Mayor and City Council to implement the long range vision of the community and to effectively manage the day to day business of the City.

Roles & Responsibilities

In order to promote efficient and fair government, the City of Buda operates under a "council-manager" form of government. Under this arrangement, the power to make legislative and policy decisions is vested in the City Council, while decision making authority on City personnel, City operations, and routine City business is vested in an impartial professional manager. The City Manager is hired by and is responsible to the City Council. He in turn hires the City's Department Directors and supervises their activities.

Appointment & Qualifications

Under the City Charter, the City Manager is chosen by the City Council solely on the basis of the City Manager’s executive and administrative training, experience, and ability. Traditionally, candidates for the position of City Manager will have a bachelors degree in a government related discipline and many years of executive level managerial experience in another City with a population similar to or larger than the City of Buda.

Term & Compensation

The City Manager is appointed for an indefinite term, and may be removed at the discretion of the City Council by an affirmative vote of five (5) members of the City Council. Generally the City Manager's employment is governed by a contract for services which lays out his compensation and other conditions of employment, which is approved by the City Council.

Powers & Duties

As defined by the City Charter, the specific powers and duties of the City Manager are as follows:

  • The City Manager shall appoint and, when the City Manager deems it necessary for the good of the City, may suspend or remove any City employee except as otherwise provided by law, the Charter, or personnel rules adopted pursuant to the Charter. The City Manager may authorize any employee who is subject to the City Manager’s direction and supervision to exercise these powers with respect to subordinates in that officer’s department, office or agency.
  • The City Manager shall direct and supervise the administration of all departments, officers, and agencies of the City, except as otherwise provided by the Charter or by law.
  • The City Manager shall attend all City Council meetings, except when excused by the Mayor or Mayor Pro-Tem, and shall have the right to take part in discussion but may not vote.
  • The City Manager shall see that all laws, provisions of the Charter and acts of the City Council, subject to enforcement by the City Manager or by Employees subject to the City Manager’s direction and supervision, are faithfully executed.
  • The City Manager shall prepare and submit the annual budget and capital improvement program to the City Council.
  • The City Manager shall administer the annual budget and capital improvement program.
  • The City Manager shall ensure that the City Comprehensive Plan is maintained and that all changes are approved by the City Council.
  • The City Manager shall submit to the City Council and make available to the public a complete report on the finances and administrative activities of the City at the end of each fiscal year.
  • The City Manager shall make such other reports as the City Council may require concerning the operations of the City departments, offices and agencies subject to the City Manager’s direction and supervision.
  • The City Manager shall keep the City Council fully advised as to the financial condition and future needs of the City and make such recommendations to the City Council concerning the affairs of the City as the City Manager deems desirable.
  • The City Manager shall keep a written inventory of all real property and all permanent equipment belonging to the City, said inventory to be subject to annual audit. A system shall be established to control the use and replacement of expendable items.
  • The City Manager shall have the authority to execute on behalf of the City, standard form documents, including but not limited to deeds, releases of liens, rental agreements, easements, right-of-way agreements, joint use agreements, and other similar documents, under the following conditions:
    • The execution of the document is necessary to carry out a public works project; utilize, maintain or improve a City facility, street, right-of-way, easement, park or other City property, or to implement other City policies; provided that such project, program or policy has been approved by the City Council;
    • That all blanks are filled in on any document correctly and that such document is consistent with the objectives approved by the City Council; and
    • That the form of such document shall be approved by the City Attorney.
  • The City Manager shall perform such other duties as are specified in this Charter or may be required by the City Council.

Contacting the City Manager's Office

All of the City's Departments strive to provide excellent customer service to the Citizens of Buda and our visitors. Any Citizen who has a question about City Services or wishes to discuss City operations can contact the City Manager's Office for assistance in identifying the correct department to address their needs. Any person who is not satisfied with the services they are receiving from the City is strongly encouraged to contact the City Manager's Office and report any concerns they may have.